If there's a biological problem, there's a biological solution.

We're replacing chemicals with clean, sustainable proteins.

Sustainability is not a luxury.

It is our obligation. 


For too long, clean ingredients have come at a premium. But now, Curie Co is making 100% sustainable ingredients that can be used in your favorite mass-market products.


Curie Co is an industrial biotech company that's creating solutions to replace preservatives and biocides with sustainably derived ingredients that increase product shelf life. 


This means companies can make the same products, with the same effects, at the same price point.


These chemicals go down the drain and have a devastating effect on aquatic life and human health.

Our mission: Replace these preservatives and biocides with an equally effective, safe, and sustainable solution.

Our solutions can be used in a range of products and markets:


From your in-shower products like body wash, shampoos, and gels, to your aftercare like lotions, creams, deodorants, sunscreen and toothpaste.


Not just limited to lipsticks, mascaras and liners, our ingredients can be used in face creams, moisturizers, serums, and even fillers.


Detergents, shower cleaners and toilet cleaners, all made with our proteins

that won't adversely affect

our environment or human health.

Safe and Sustainable

Our animal-free proteins are made from amino acids, which we ferment just like beer and wine.

Cost Effective

Our proteins are more potent than chemicals, allowing us to use less material and to provide

an affordable solution.

broad spectrum_edited.png
Broad pH Range

We are designing proteins that can be used across a broad pH range.