If there's a biological problem, there's a biological solution.



Our Mission & Technology

For far too long, we have been using chemicals to solve biological issues. As a result, human health is suffering and the oceans are deteriorating.

Curie Co is a life science company that engineers enzymes and biomaterials to replace harmful and banned chemicals.

Our proprietary technology uses recycled materials that originate in the ocean, because the ocean already knows how to break them down. So when you wash our products down the drain, waterways stay clean. That’s OceanSafe™.

Our Urgency: A Timeline

Our proprietary enzyme engineering tools make ingredients that are OceanSafe™. The FDA has recently banned classes of chemicals found in everyday products (think: soap, shampoo, lotion, etc.) because they’re polluting our waters and jeopardizing our health.

Curie Co’s recycled marine biomaterials will replace these harmful chemicals in common consumer products—and more.


Congress enacted into law a ban on non-biodegradable microbeads due to their devastating effect on our oceans.


The FDA eliminated 19 chemicals found in consumer soaps by banning antibacterial soaps.


The FDA further banned 23 chemicals in clinical soaps, such as surgical scrubs.


Personal Care Products Act was assigned to committee in Congress to give the FDA jurisdiction over the personal care industry.