Meet the Team

Our team has a strong IP track record in enzyme engineering for FDA-regulated industries. The team has scientific expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing, industrial enzyme engineering, and bioinformatics.


Dr. Erika Milczek, Chief Executive Officer and Founder

After completing a doctoral work at Emory University and a postdoctoral fellowship at Princeton University, Dr. Milczek joined Merck & Co as a Senior Process Chemist in the Biocatalysis Group. While at Merck, she replaced chemical manufacturing processes with enzymatic routes for commercial drug synthesis.


Ken Mitchell, Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Mitchell is a scientific and business strategy consultant with 20 years of enzyme engineering experience. He has been on the ground floor of establishing enzyme engineering technologies at Maxygen and Codexis. Mr. Mitchell was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Gene Oracle, Inc. and Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Aligna Technologies, Inc.


Kristyn Merritt, Chief Creative Officer

With over 15 years of brand identity development, content strategy, copywriting, and editorial experience, Ms. Merritt has helped create voices for some of the largest names in media and marketing. She has worked for NBC/Universal, Birchbox, Nickelodeon, AOL, and Hearst Magazines, and consulted with dozens of other brands — all with a focus on female demographics.


Dr. Valarie Truax, Advisor

Dr. Truax has over 15 years of experience in IP licensing and Biotechnology/Healthcare M&A. Dr. Truax has an MBD and PhD in chemistry and has worked at both the Office of Cooperative Research at Yale University and Madison Keats.